Test Transmission Information 09/02/2012

Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts will commence at 23.00 (GMT) this evening on Resonance104.4fm (for the Central London region) and www.resonancefm.com on the interweb. Tonight's BT Engineers are MC, NW and HJ. They will be guided in their exploratory improvised and extemporised tests by the phrases 'The Apprehension of Cold', 'Crisps for Inspiration' and 'The Sound of the Missing Tooth'. Taking the theme of the cold weather and the Meteorological Office's latest weather warning for inspiration, a workshop piece called 'Snowfall' shall provide an underpinning five note piano exercise for rhythmically and sonically exploratory improvisation while snow and ice and cold recordings will be mixed in and processed to make a impressionist interpretation of the current cold weather conditions. It is snowing in Central London. I'm going outside for a bit. I may be a few hours.