Club Bermuda II Friday 25th April 2014

Following that Lovely Audio Visual Extravaganza Resonance 104.4FM fundraiser in February, the Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcast Engineers invite you to Club Bermuda (ii). In the lush surroundings of London Bridge's best kept secret cinema / venue, the Roxy Bar & Screen. Please come.

A testing ground for live music, sound and moving image from Cindytalk, Howlround, Franziska Lantz, Bermuda Triangle Test Engineers, Bill Howard (Lab Film Festival) & Lucy Woodhouse + DJs Charles Bullen (This Heat) & Jaye Ward. 

Roxy Bar & Screen, 128-132 Borough High St, London SE1 1LB

Friday 25th April 20.00 - 02.00 £8 / £5 / donation to Resonance 104.4fm

Live Music & Sound:


Cindytalk is the life-long passion of Scottish singer/musician Gordon Sharp. A 37 year journey into the heart of noise-poetry. This work has often been a rigorous study in how we relate to the world we live in and also how we go about negotiating constant change without fear or subservience to shifting trends and expectations.

A dark and fractured first album "Camouflage Heart" was released in 1984 to much critical acclaim. The same year Sharp was one of three featured singers on 4AD supergroup, This Mortal Coil's debut album "It'll End in Tears". In 2013 Editions Mego released Cindytalk's "A Life Is Everywhere", an album of searing intensity and heartbreak - a shattering exposition of a displaced, dislocated life that somehow attempts to put sound to the Deleuzian concept of "the plane of immanence".

Many twists and turns have brought Cindytalk, in 2014, to a new, beautifully-wonky music family which features sound engineer David Ros, sound artist Melanie Clifford, performance percussionist Tim Goldie and Glasgow-based improv duo Lucy Duncombe & Kenneth Wilson. Mixing up all of those abstracted elements with a simple, beautifully-burning sky of broken melody…


Howlround is the duo of Robin Warren (aka Robin The Fog) and Chris Weaver (BASCA British Composer Award Winner 2013), whose collective work is the re-examination of tape as creative medium for electronic music, in both live performance and composition.

First coming to prominence with hugely-acclaimed 2012 LP, The Ghosts of Bush, Howlround have now expanded to a sextet (four machines, two people) and create recordings and performances entirely by manipulating natural acoustic sounds on vintage reel-to-reel tape machines, with additional reverb or electronic effects strictly forbidden.

A Howlround live event is always a spectacle, due to the distinctive nature of their performances, in which haunting and uncanny soundscapes are created from loops of quarter-inch tape stretched and balanced precariously around the venue, while they try desperately to prevent the loops from snarling, snapping or becoming entangled – part sound design, part chaotic performance art.

Franziska Lantz

Franziska Lantz: Global Warming; Audio Soil; DriftShift; Saydance; DPM357X.

London-based Swiss artist and Resonance104.4fm broadcaster, live audio-visual-performance incarnation, for the first time in ages! Songs and rhythms, beats and melodies merging techno/electronic minimalism with unplaced European folk and noise. Live voice and recorded beats.

Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Engineers

Melanie Clifford, Howard Jacques & Nick Wilsdon are the sound artist-makers of Resonance 104.4fm's infamous Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts, every Thursday 11pm – midnight, testing sounds and ideas within and without the broadcast studio. Howard Jacques' Bermuda Triangle has been a regular feature in various guises on Resonance104.4fm since 2002, its initial incarnation having explored the uncategorisable in the Jacques Bros' These Records shop.

Each live performance is event-specific, and may involve self-made devices, field recordings & found percussion. Tonight the enginneers will be ubiquitous.

Record Players:

Charles Bullen

Rare appearance from legendary This Heat guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/engineer/producer, Charles Bullen. "Charles spins an invigorating heterogeneous mix of dub, post punk, avant rock, Afrobeat and much more. He’s worth the entry price on his own." Club Integral.

Jaye Ward

Jaye promises spiky odd funks and angular dancers. She has been operating on the outer edges of the disco for so long now, noise becomes funk, electronics are folk and Afro could be Detroit techno. So she tends to play everything. Genres blur, feet move and hearts sing.

Moving / Projected Image:

Club Bermuda exploits the exquisite secret cinema at the Roxy Bar & Screen, presenting new work by Melanie Clifford, Bill Howard, Howard Jacques, Franziska Lantz & Lucy Woodhouse + treasures tbc, curated with the Lab Film Festival

Lucy Woodhouse: