Test Transmission Information 23/10/2014

Here is a short story.

This Autumn 2014 season of radio broadcasts are produced by 2 two test transmission engineers only. Fewer humans. At the Resonance 104.4fm studio where we conduct our tests there are 2 studios. Studio 1 is downstairs and has space for multiple engineers to move around testing things and manipulating the broadcast. Studio 2 is upstairs. It's a little room. The two are connected.

When we have been 3 or more engineers, we conducted occasional tests between the two studios. But rarely have we focused all tests within an entire broadcast on tiny little Studio 2 and its surrounding office space. Until 2 weeks ago.

In the last two weeks we have  gathering ideas and detecting phenomena unique to Studio 2 and environs, which we now want test via broadcast. These tests will be brought to you in two phases. Phase one, this week, we will be constructing & manipulating signals, and recording phenomena. Phase two, probably next week, we will present the recordings made during phase one.

Please be aware we will be broadcasting sounds within a wide dynamnic range.


Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts

Thursdays at 11pm